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How to Innovate in a Regulated Industry like Banking

Updated: May 12, 2023

In the second episode of Fintech Dialog, draw insights from a deep conversation between Majidul Haque, Head of Agents & Digital Banking in Prime Bank Ltd., Bangladesh.

For the last 13+ years, Majidul has been playing a pioneering role in launching new products and services like:

  • Mobile Money Services

  • Alternative Credit Indexing based lending

  • Implementing Digital Onboarding of customers

  • The Social Media based banking assistant

A seasoned banker, Majid talks about the impact of mobile banking on financial services in Bangladesh, the importance of developing financial products in the local context, the approach towards US aid and implementation partners, bringing solutions to customers’ doors, and more.

Listen to the podcast to learn about -

👉🏽 How mobile banking has powered financial services in Bangladesh, especially for those who have been financially excluded ❓

👉🏽 Why it is important for solution providers to ensure the products fit in perfectly with the local context ❓

👉🏽 How did banks in Bangladesh bring solutions to the customers’ doors❓

00:46 - Introduction

02:05 - Mobile money launch with City Cell

12:30 - Difference between USSD and App era

16:00 - How to manage a Tech Vendor

20:25 - USAID approach toward DFS

27:10 - Impact of Digital Onboarding

40:20 - Launch of Social Media Channel

54:00 - How to innovate in a regulated industry

55:46 - Alternative Credit Indexing-based Loans

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