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Closed Loop Wallet Solution

Build and administer stored value accounts for your customers and securely award and manage the balances in multiple currencies. 

☑️ Plug and Play with Seamless APIs 
☑️ Certified with Data Security Standards
☑️ 99.99 % Backup and Uptime Guarantee


Who Requires Closed-loop Wallets?

E Commerce Service Providers



Independent Sales organisations

Multi Tied Organisations

Why Merchants Choose PayNet Closed Loop Wallet API ?

PayNet closed-loop wallet solution enables merchants to retain customers by seamlessly awarding loyalty, Cashback, and Refunds.

Seamless Integration: Closed-loop digital wallets API is easy to integrate with your existing payment flow, creating a unified experience for your developers, admin and customers. 

Advanced Security: Security is a paramount concern for both businesses and consumers in the digital payment landscape. Closed-loop digital wallets come with robust security measures, including tokenization and encryption. 

Effortless Refunds and Reuse: Instead of the traditional refund process that can take days or even weeks to complete, customers can have their refund funds credited directly to their wallet. This not only expedites the refund process but also encourages customers to continue shopping with the merchant.

Loyalty Rewards and Offers: Merchants can reward customers for their repeat business, offering incentives such as discounts, cashback, or exclusive access to promotions. This seamless integration of loyalty programs encourages customers to return to the merchant's online store, thus fostering long-term loyalty.

Embed A Close Loop Wallet Into Your Existing System Using APIs  —  SEAMLESSLY

Sign Up: Create your membership with us by providing the required information. Rest assured, your data will be encrypted and securely stored.

Obtain API Keys: Start your integration to our test servers. Obtain API Keys, Documentation and Access to the test environment. 

Test Your Use Case: Integrate and test your use case in our test environment. Ask for support from our team.

Go Live: Begin working with our live systems. Receive access to the Live atmosphere, documentation, and API keys.

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