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Closed Loop Wallet Solution

Build and administer stored value accounts for your customers and securely award and manage the balances in multiple currencies. 

☑️ Plug and Play with Seamless APIs 
☑️ Certified with Data Security Standards
☑️ 99.9 % Backup and Uptime Guarantee

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Why Online Merchants Need Closed-Loop Wallet?

PayNet closed-loop wallet solution enables online merchants to retain customers by seamlessly awarding Loyalty, Cashback, and Refunds.

Effortless Refunds and Payouts

Get instant refunds credited directly to your wallet, speeding up the process and encouraging continued shopping with the merchant.

Loyalty Rewards and Offers

Reward repeat customers with discounts, cashback, and exclusive offers, seamlessly integrated to foster long-term loyalty and encourage return visits.

Unlock New Revenue Streams

Boost sales and expand business horizons with our cross-promotion tools. Showcase complementary products and services to unlock new revenue streams.

By retaining just 5% of their customer base, Businesses can raise sales by up to 75%

Closed-Loop Digital Wallet

A closed-loop digital wallet offers a tailored payment solution within a specific ecosystem, enhancing user convenience and security. 

Integrating seamlessly with your services streamlines transactions reduces costs, and fosters customer loyalty. 

Discover how adopting this innovative technology can transform your business operations and elevate user experience.

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Versatile Use Cases Across Industries

Our Closed-loop Wallet Solution is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of firms that require sophisticated, secure, and seamless customer engagement. Here's an in-depth overview of targeted several industries:

Retail & E-commerce

  • Instant Refunds

  • Loyalty & Gift Programs 

  • Promotions and Offers


  • Guest Wallets

  • Loyalty incentives

  • Event Management


  • Campus Cards

  • Fee Payments

  • Retention Programs

Food & Beverage

  • Restaurant Payments

  • Loyalty Points

  • Order Ahead

Travel and Tourism

  • Travel Wallets

  • Bonus Miles

  • Foreign Exchange


  • In-Game Purchases

  • Rewards & Bonuses

  • Payouts


  • Event Tickets

  • In-App Purchases

  • Loyalty Rewards


  • Bill Payments

  • Prepaid Utilities

  • Rewards Programs


  • Employee Wallets

  • Incentive Programs

  • Corporate Gifts

Seamlessly integrate Reward, Loyalty, and Refund Wallets into your existing app

Efficient and Developer-Centric

Designed with developers in mind, integrating the PayNet wallet API is straightforward and user-friendly.

Access our libraries through our developer portal, test features with the admin panel in our sandbox, integrate in five programming languages and count on continuous support from our development experts.

Why Online Merchants Prefer PayNet Closed-Loop Wallet?

Plug and Play Integration

Easily integrate with popular e-commerce platforms like Magento and CRM systems.


Our APIs ensures a smooth, hassle-free setup

Data Security Compliance

Rest assured, your customer data is protected with our software, certified to meet the highest industry standards.


Trust us to safeguard your valuable information

SaaS-Based Pricing

Enjoy flexible, transparent SaaS-based pricing.

Pay for what you need and scale as your business grows, with no hidden fees or surprises

User Case Study
United Points Loyalty Reward Program  

United Points is founded on the mission to solve a common problem in the loyalty and rewards industry. Today, there is a great disconnection and complexity between businesses, merchants, and consumers, resulting in businesses declining in revenue.


 United Points’ unique strength lies in our proven shared experience and capabilities as the matchmaker to connect and greatly simplify and shorten engagements between businesses, merchants, and consumers, through a seamless global loyalty and rewards platform.


United Points, a leading loyalty program provider, aimed to enhance its offering by introducing a closed-loop wallet solution. The objective was to provide a seamless, secure, and highly flexible digital wallet system to its customers, enabling them to earn, manage, and redeem points easily across a variety of partners.


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What Our Clients Are Saying



Managing Director

United Points


PayNet's unparalleled digital wallet  expertise created a high-quality use case for today's financial needs. Partnering with them boosted our understanding and opened major opportunities across ASEAN.

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Managing Director

Cellcom Pvt Ltd


PayNet Systems' secure, user-friendly platform has modernized wallet platform, transforming Nepal's economy. Highly recommended for their exceptional work.




Georgia MFI Association


PayNet's wallet solution excels with rich features, seamless transactions, reliable performance, and exceptional support, crucial for our operations.

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Integrate our Close Loop Wallet API today and start building stronger customer relationships

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  • What is a Loan Management System?
    A loan management system is a software solution that enables you to easily manage your whole loan cycle. You can orchestrate a faster market launch, build consumer-friendly lending products, and remain fully compliant with local and international regulations by leveraging the Paynet LMS.
  • What are the benefits of having a loan management system?
    The benefits of a loan management system are numerous, ranging from making your lending process easier through automatic credit checks, accurate customer evaluations, and a completely online and paperless approach to assisting you in precisely visualizing your ROI by streamlining your entire lending process.
  • What are the challenges of implementing a loan management system?
    The challenges that arise in using a debt management system are minimal. While you can start experiencing the various advantages of one in no time. Also, because most architectures are entirely cloud-based with real-time support, you can save time during deployment as whatever problems happen can be modified immediately.
  • What is the approximate cost to implement a loan management system?
    As all of our offerings have been developed to scratch with each lending organization, our prices vary. Please reach out to our company's executive right now to get the most up-to-date price.


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