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White Label Loan Management Software

Everything You Need To Custom Build Innovative Lending Products

PayNet LMS is the new-age market-ready solution that enables you to go to market 10x Faster 🚀

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☑️ Fully Customizable Software

☑️ Compliant with Data Security

☑️ Access To Source Code 

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A Loan Management Software
Built To Help You Navigate Your Way Ahead

PayNet white label software is a cloud-ready solution, that enables you to launch custom innovative offerings fast and effectively. Additionally, with all of the lending software features available from one screen, customers can speed up the entire mortgage lending process and manage all of their loans.


It's the exact strategy you need to jump on others.

PayNet LMS - For All Loan Types 

Group Lending

Group Lending

Business Loans

Incremental Disbursement

SME Lending

Variable Installment Loans

Agriculture Loans

Joint Liability Group

Individual Lending

Open Ended Lending

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Custom Loan Program

Payday Loans

Buy Now Pay Later

Do you want to know how our clients have done so well ?

Do you want to know how our clients have done so well ?

Make Borrowing Easy and Straightforward For Loan Applicants
User-friendly application forms, automated back-end processing, and more

Take Every Step of the Loan Inquiry

Attract high-quality borrowers faster than your rivals. Gather leads through all channels, such Internet, telephone calls, emails, social networks, loans that is online marketplaces, and more.

Your employees won't waste effort on not to be serious lenders or of poor quality inquiries with the seamless verification during each step.

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Form for the Self-Service Inquiries

Lenders can expect an incredible application journey due to its user-friendly, mobile-optimized forms. Verification of OTP help in the quick denial of not serious inquiries.

The application can be completed at any moment, enhancing the lender's experience and reducing the workload for the agent.

Gateways for the Use of Self-Lending

Build unique platforms for your loan applicants and customers.

Lenders are able to quickly apply for mortgages, preserve their online identities or programs, submit documents, monitor the status of their applications, and get approval and verification alerts.

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Create Unique Financing Products That Your Clients Would Appreciate

Simply using the BYOS architectural design, businesses can build unique loan servicing software for each client or distinguish them from competitors by smoothly incorporating flexible prices and dynamic payback decision-making with each loan product.

Features That Your Team Will Appreciate

☑️ Buy Now Pay Later | Line of Credit
☑️ Co-Lending
☑️ Reporting Dashboard
☑️ Flexible Loan Product Constructs

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A Loan Management Software
That Addresses All Issues

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Collaborate with essential stakeholders in real time to reach a bigger client base.

Take advantage of our Application Programming Interface 3.0 technology to integrate, merge, and quickly analyze real-time information at a wide range of resources within and outside of your business, and help the moment use of a larger pool of cash and more clients in the ease of the workplace.

Features That Your Team Will Appreciate

☑️ Co-Lending
☑️ Marketplace Integration
☑️ Extensive Third Party Integrations
☑️ Secure Open API

Our Review Are Public & Are Verified By Gartner 

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Keep Up With Ever Changing National and International Regulations

Businesses can ensure consistent compliance with regulatory submissions through a single-click bureau of credit paperwork, all within a single interface.

Paynet's loan management software is fully compatible with accounting and financial networks, enabling businesses to execute numerous tasks simultaneously while maintaining client privacy and confidentiality at all phases.

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Features that will assist you in remaining compliant
☑️  Certified for Infosec compliance
☑️  Industry-standard authorization protocol
☑️  Encryption of sensitive data 
☑️  Credit Bureau exchange & Banking standards

Happy Clients


Vicent Li
Managing Director
United Points

“They are the domain experts who developed a series of high-quality and advanced products. The partnership with them opened up numerous opportunities for us in the ASEAN region”

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