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White Label Loan Management Software

Everything You Need To Custom Build Innovative Lending Products

PayNet LMS is the new-age market-ready solution that enables you to go to market 10x Faster 🚀

☑️ Fully Customizable Software
☑️ Compliant with Data Security
☑️ Access To Source Code 

loan management software

Features of Loan Management System

fully customizable loan programs
real time decision making
readymade connector for other banking systems

Fully Customizable Loan Programs

Empowering them to tailor their offerings according to the unique needs and preferences of their customers.

Real-Time Decision Making

Reduces processing times and increases efficiency, which improves the entire customer experience.

Ready-Made Connector for Other Banking Systems

Efficiency speeds up deployment and offers an easy transition for institutions using the latest technology.

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loan management software

A Loan Management Software
Built To Help You Navigate Your Way Ahead

PayNet white label loan management system is a cloud-ready solution, that enables you to launch custom innovative offerings fast and effectively. Additionally, with all of the loan management system features available from one screen, customers can speed up the entire credit card method and manage all of their loans.


It's the exact strategy you need to jump on others.

PayNet LMS - For All Loan Types 

Group Lending

Business Loans

Incremental Disbursement

SME Lending

Variable Installment Loans

Agriculture Loans

Joint Liability Group

Individual Lending

Open Ended Lending

custom loan program

Custom Loan Program

Payday Loans

buy now pay later image

Buy Now Pay Later

Do you want to know how our clients have done LMS so well?

Lending must be simple for consumers, with easy-to-use paperwork, automated server processes, and other benefit.

Execute All Steps in the Loan Query

Get high-quality lenders faster than your rivals. Find leads via all sources, like the Internet, calls, mail, social media, e-commerce loans, etc.

By seamless verification for every point, team members won't waste time on non-serious lenders or cheap leads.

loan application form
take every step of the loan inquiry

Form for the Self-Service Loan Inquiries

The borrowers will enjoy an excellent app process due to its easy-to-use, mobile-friendly form. Verification of OTP helps to the quick reject of silly requests.

The form can be done at any time, boosting the lending process & and cutting the lender's time.

Gateways for the Use of Self-Lending

Make unique solutions for loan services and clients.

The lender can apply for mortgages fast, manage online profiles or programs, send documents, track status on their apps, and get permits and verified alerts.

gateways for the use of self lending

Try Our Loan Management System Today!

A Loan Management Software
That Addresses All Issues

Create exclusive loans your clients will admire.

Firms can easily set apart among rivals by seamlessly integrating adaptability & flexible repayment decisions with each loan solution with the BYOS design.

Features That Your Team Will Appreciate

☑️ Buy Now Pay Later | Line of Credit
☑️ Co-Lending
☑️ Reporting Dashboard
☑️ Flexible Loan Product Constructs

create unique financing products
collaborate with essential stakeholders

To reach a wider audience, engage in real-time with key players

Use our API 3.0 software to connect, merge, and quickly assess real-time data at a broad range of areas in and out of your firm, leading you to make better use of a larger pool of cash and more clients in the workplace.

Features That Your Team Will Appreciate

☑️ Co-Lending
☑️ Marketplace Integration
☑️ Extensive Third Party Integrations
☑️ Secure Open API

Stay Compliant with Worldwide Rules and regulations

Firms can ensure clear legal compliance via a one-click the bureau of credit files, from one platform.

Lms is fully integrated into banking & and finance systems, allowing firms to perform multiple tasks that one time and ensuring privacy and security for the client's journey.

keep up with ever changing national & international regulations

Features that will assist you in remaining compliant
☑️  Certified for Infosec compliance
☑️  Industry-standard authorization protocol
☑️  Encryption of sensitive data 
☑️  Credit Bureau exchange & Banking standards


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What Our Clients Are Saying

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Let's Talk  About How We Can Support You
To Launch Loan Management System

  • How can I cancel my subscription?
    You can cancel your subscription any time by writing an email you us, and settling all pending due payments if any.
  • What happens if monthly active user surpasses purchased slab?
    In such case the client is auto upgraded to the next MAU slab without hampering the service, arrears are billed in the next month.
  • What Is monthly active users?
    Monthly active user (MAU) is the sum users of who at-least have used the service once a month, where a month is considered as next thirty (30) of signing up for the service.
  • Is the service pre-paid or post paid?
    Service is prepaid for now, however you are provided an invoice for the payments.
  • Is it possible to get a free trial?
    We offer a limited period free trial one channel, You can choose in between Facebook messenger and Viber, except WhatsApp, use cases offered are “Lead Generation, Appointment Booking, Contact Support”, Contact Us To Start Free trial.
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PayNet is a White Label  Neo-Banking Platform, for new-age financial institutions, helping them thrive in the industry through our agile cloud-native and API-first technology.


PayNet’s prebuilt modules help you with the fastest time to market without compromising on the security level.

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