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Payout Disbursal Platform

Payout API for Business


Quick Beneficiary Addition

Add beneficiaries using bulk file upload or API and make instant payouts.


Accurate Payouts Everytime

Verify bank account / UPI ID before sending money and ensure error free payouts.

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Payouts API

Use Dashboard to add funds, initiate payouts, trace transaction status reports


Bulk Payouts API

Automatic smart routing with multiple banks for guaranteed faster and success transactions .

Developer friendly, easy-to-integrate Payouts API

Use sample integration kits to try out integrations using Test API credentials before going live. API libraries available in multiple languages.

Advanced Analytics

Comprehensive Data Visualization

Dashboards that are easy to use and insightful reports

The payouts make customers up to date on your business's financial matters, whether it is a broad overview of the cash flowing via a dashboard or an in-depth drill-down on every single one of your transactions through a Report.

The industry's first financial services downtime detector

Transparent is offered by the real-time account disruption tracking device, which is the most accurate in the business and helps clients to maintain on top of every one of the unexpected account delays so as to better handle your bulk transfers.

Start Building Your Fintech 10X Faster 🚀

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