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White Label Omnichannel
Banking Platform

PayNet Omnichannel Platform allows your clients to enjoy a consistent and smooth experience on any medium they choose to reach your bank.

Design seamless interactions across all channels like website, mobile app, branch, telephone, or WhatsApp messenger.

omnichannel banking

Omni Channel Banking Features

Launch a modern omnichannel banking service to engage digital native millennials with features like:

  • Synchronized data in real-time across channels

  • Enabling uniform banking experiences across all channels

  • Using data analytics to comprehend client needs

  • Personalized Banking Experience

Benefits Of Omnichannel Banking

Fast Problem Solving

Unique Banking Experience

Reduced Support Expenses

Satisfied Clients And Better Engagement

Need For Omnichannel Banking?

More Customer-Focused than Transaction-Oriented

In the past, banks prioritized transactions over client interaction, and they frequently face difficulties due to their own historically separate offerings. In a nutshell, each system and procedure has consistently been built with client satisfaction as an aside. 


Integrating to Customer Expectations and Banks Innovation


Banks are right now moving away from barriers, which slow down creativity and reduce client satisfaction, to the use of an omnichannel and digital-first banking execution.
Users these days have a certain level of desire, particularly since Neo banks successfully modernized the banking sector through the digital age as its root. 

Users' Utilise of Multiple Channels

Our client base is widely diversified over both digital and physical channels. Though customers are frequently anxious to use digital channels for complex transactions like loans or big investments. An approach omnichannel is required for meeting modern clients.


Build an Omnichannel Platform that has a Customer Focus 

In the past, banks have prioritized transactions over client interaction, and they frequently face difficulties due to their own historically segregated product lines. In other words, every system and procedure has always been designed with the consumer experience as an afterthought. 

Over banks have drastically changed into Omnichannel banking by developing channels across multiple operating systems made for smartphones, tablets, and desktops, enabling your clients to take advantage of effortless financial services within devices/channels. 

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Vicent Li
Managing Director
United Points

“They are the domain experts who developed a series of high-quality and advanced products. The partnership with them opened up numerous opportunities for us in the ASEAN region”

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