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Digital Banking Challenges in Nepal

What is the thought process in a bank on the brink of launching a digitization spree❓ How do they arrive on a decision about the scope of a project❓ What are the aspects they have to take into account before making a head-start❓ In the first episode of Fintech Dialogue, meet Mr. Shivaraj Upadhyaya, Digital Head, NMB Bank Ltd, Nepal discussing with hosts Abhinav Paliwal and Ankur Mishra the areas of his expertise. A seasoned banker, Shivaraj has his experience spanning from the public to the private sector. This podcast helped us understand his line of thought and we marveled as he shared his insights. Listen to this podcast to learn about - 2:16 - Introduction 4:00 - The shift from PSB to a private bank 12:00 - How to draw a digital roadmap 16:30 - How they fought Covid 20:25 - How to succeed in digitization 22:10 - Three challenges a digital banker faces 28:16 - Advice on How to plan for digitalization 33:19 - Wishlist from the regulator

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