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A consistent, seamless digital borrower experience

Total Lending is a Loan Solution

The market's most complete array

of end-to-end loan solutions.

Enhance Risk Management

Loan documentation compliance is an industry norm.

An Effortless Experience

Steady, smooth digital lender experience for companies, firms, & and clients

Simple Lending

Transparency and enhancing back-office operations while boosting client onboarding

One Platform for Agility


Every interaction and asset under leadership is viewed from each perspective.

Quick ROI

Easy processes and minimal learning ensure faster employee uptake and ROI.

Covers the entire loan lifespan

A Unified Platform

Loan management software that saves money and increases efficiency

Process Streamlined

A digital experience that cuts down the use of humans or, as a result, risk and human error.

Enhanced Client Service

A more seamless onboarding process can help to capture and retain clients.

Use Cases Loan Management System

Fully Customizable Loan Programs

Empowering them to tailor their offerings according to the unique needs and preferences of their customers.

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Real-Time Decision Making

Real-time decision-making enhances the overall customer experience by reducing processing times and increasing efficiency.

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Ready-Made Connector for Other Banking Systems

This interoperability speeds up the deployment process and ensures a smooth transition for banks adopting this innovative solution.

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Use Cases 

28% of customers are extremely inclined to visit businesses where they are a member of a loyalty program to do so.

By retaining just 5% of their customer base, businesses can raise sales by up to 75%.

According to 32.3% of consumers, the recession has increased their involvement in retailer rewards programs.

Why Choose PayNet Systems?

Digital Wallet is developed for Enterprise Banking and Payments Platforms, offering your digital growth.

The implementation is fast to go to market, flexible, and gives fast positive ROI. Cloud, on-premises, or both of the two.

Over 7+ years of global experience with 10 Mn users in over 11 countries.

Offering a wide variety of financial services and payments at all times and from any location. Begin with the Digital Wallet.

Digital Wallet is developed for Enterprise Banking and Payments Platforms, offering your digital growth.

The implementation is fast to go to market, flexible, and gives fast positive ROI. Cloud, on-premises, or both of the two.

Over 7+ years of global experience with 10 Mn users in over 11 countries.

Offering a wide variety of financial services and payments at all times and from any location. Begin with the Digital Wallet.





Graduate in any field.



Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Problem-Solving, Sales Management,



Shift Timings:


Key Responsibilities:

  • Spread the word about our game-changing products.

  • Turn potential clients into lifelong partners.

  • Bring your ideas to the table – we love fresh perspectives!




Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field.



2 Years of software development experience preferably in the Fintech industry



Java, Spring & Hibernate, MySQL, AWS, Mongo, and REST API 


Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and maintain Java apps with Spring & Hibernate frames.

  • Design, implement, and maintain databases using MySQL and MongoDB.

  • Develop and maintain REST APIs

  • Deploy and manage applications on AWS cloud services

  • Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders to ensure project success.

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PayNet is a White Label  Neo-Banking Platform, for new-age financial institutions, helping them thrive in the industry through our agile cloud-native and API-first technology. PayNet’s prebuilt modules help you with the fastest time to market without compromising on the security level.



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Customers are able to make payments using the digital wallet platform in a pre-set setting. In a payment device owned by a particular business, customers can load money into a spending account similar to a gift card, and they can use the mobile wallet software to make payments.

Closed Loop

Customers can conduct transactions at the businesses and places listed using mobile payment solutions. This software enables users to make both online and offline payments. It is frequently used to transfer money between users and to make purchases of products and services.

Semi Closed Loop

In contrast to closed-loop Paynet wallets, it. Open wallets are distributed by banks or authorized organizations. Together with money transfers and bank withdrawals, users can use a digital wallet platform for every transaction allowed with a semi-closed wallet.

Open Loop

What sets apart PayNet as a flexible Digital Wallet Platform?

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

All accounts and transactions are managed through a single interface. Customer-centric UX from start to finish.  There will be no further branch visits. Customers can use PayNet's digital Wallet to access a variety of payment options as well as other services.


Don't Slaying Security

A white-label digital wallet that protects your customers' data. Self-registration user onboarding (KYC/Non-KYC etc.) Secure your transaction with OTP, PIN, Biometric, and other two-auth factor verification methods.

P2P, P2M, Payments, and More

Allow clients to transact instantly with a variety of payment and financial services, including P2P, P2M, and Payroll. Provide easy access to payments via NFC and QR codes, as well as multi-channel connectivity.


Products Having a Monetary Value

With PayNets digital wallet value-added features such as form invoices, bill payments, multi-currency, remittances, offers and promotions, and others, you can go above and beyond what customers think.

Our Mission

To enable small and medium organisations to provide personalised digital banking and payments service on all channels

Read more about PayNet 


Trusted By Financial Institutions Across Globe  

Loyalty Rewards

Reward your loyal customers like never before! Our software enables you to create and manage captivating loyalty programs that keep shoppers coming back for more. Increase customer retention and build lasting relationships.

Data Security Certified

Rest easy knowing that your customer data is protected. We take data security seriously, and our software is certified to meet the highest industry standards. Trust us to safeguard your valuable information.

Hassle-Free Refunds

Say goodbye to complicated refund processes. Our Close-Loop Wallet Software streamlines the refund procedure, ensuring quick and hassle-free transactions. Keep your customers satisfied and encourage repeat business.

SaaS-Based Pricing

Enjoy flexibility with our SaaS-based pricing model. Pay for what you need and scale your operations as your business grows. No hidden fees, no surprises, just transparent and affordable pricing

11 Countries


10 Million Users

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Mobile Banking

Digital channels are fast becoming the primary interface for you to communicate and engage with your customers. At PayNet we are constantly innovating, and collaborating with solution creators all over the world to make your you have access to the latest and the best technologies, services, and features and can create a continuously evolving and delighting experience for your customers.




Easy On-boarding

Social log-in, eKYC for document and biometric verification, 3rd party database cross-checks, Debit card enabled log-in.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Device binding, OTP, Transaction Passwords, ATM PIN, log-in password, 3rd party HSM.

Service Management

Service fees, customer groups, banking service requests, 3rd party services like bill-pay, top-up, stock quotes, portfolio management.

PayNet Mobile Banking App


Geo-location services

Locate bank branches, ATM's, and push location specific services for partners.

Agent  Banking

Financial Inclusion can be defined as the pursuit of making financial services accessible at affordable costs to all individuals and businesses, irrespective of net worth and size respectively. At PayNet we strive to address and proffer solutions to the constraints that exclude people from participating in the financial sector. Our Agency Banking solutions provide you with the most cost-effective way of delivering solutions to the marginalised and unbanked sections of the economy.

Mobile Banking Terminals

PayNet supports specialised mobile banking terminals with inbuilt capability for Off-line transactions, biometric authentication, audio notifications, USSD, and SMS support. Learn more

Off-Line Transactions

PayNet provides multiple solutions to enable offline banking solutions to enable inclusion in geographies that are not served by Telco's or where connectivity is not reliable. Learn more

Financial Product Modelling

Financial Inclusion to be successful requires a whole new set of products that are relevant to our target audience. PayNet provides multiple tools to design and deliver products like micro savings/lending, aid distribution, etc.  Learn more

Mobile Financial Inclusion
omnichannel banking.jpg
Omni Channel Banking

PayNet Omnichannel Banking Platform allows your clients to enjoy a consistent and smooth experience on any medium they choose to reach your bank.

Design seamless interactions across all channels like website, mobile app, branch, telephone, or WhatsApp messenger.