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Our Mission

To enable small and medium organisations to provide personalised digital banking and payments service on all channels

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Omni Channel 

Digital Banking Solutions 

Enable bank admins to manage all digital channel from a single HUB


Mobile Banking

Digital channels are fast becoming the primary interface for you to communicate and engage with your customers. At PayNet we are constantly innovating, and collaborating with solution creators all over the world to make your you have access to the latest and the best technologies, services, and features and can create a continuously evolving and delighting experience for your customers.





Easy On-boarding

Social log-in, eKYC for document and biometric verification, 3rd party database cross-checks, Debit card enabled log-in.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Device binding, OTP, Transaction Passwords, ATM PIN, log-in password, 3rd party HSM.

Service Management

Service fees, customer groups, banking service requests, 3rd party services like bill-pay, top-up, stock quotes, portfolio management.

Geo-location services

Locate bank branches, ATM's, and push location specific services for partners.

PayNet Mobile Banking App

Agent  Banking

Financial Inclusion can be defined as the pursuit of making financial services accessible at affordable costs to all individuals and businesses, irrespective of net worth and size respectively. At PayNet we strive to address and proffer solutions to the constraints that exclude people from participating in the financial sector. Our Agency Banking solutions provide you with the most cost-effective way of delivering solutions to the marginalised and unbanked sections of the economy.

Mobile Banking Terminals

PayNet supports specialised mobile banking terminals with inbuilt capability for Off-line transactions, biometric authentication, audio notifications, USSD, and SMS support. Learn more

Off-Line Transactions

PayNet provides multiple solutions to enable offline banking solutions to enable inclusion in geographies that are not served by Telco's or where connectivity is not reliable. Learn more

Financial Product Modelling

Financial Inclusion to be successful requires a whole new set of products that are relevant to our target audience. PayNet provides multiple tools to design and deliver products like micro savings/lending, aid distribution, etc.  Learn more

Mobile Financial Inclusion
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