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Top 11 Neo Banks: A Comprehensive Guide Worldwide

Neobanks are currently at the forefront of challenging traditional incumbents with only digital services, offering customers a smooth and customer-centric experience. For decades, the financial sector has been dominated by established banks and institutions.

However, recent years have seen the emergence of neobanks, independent disruptors delivering digital services and broadening banking accessibility. We delve into the top 11 neobanks globally.

1) NuBank: At the top of Nubank, a Brazilian neobank that has experienced a significant increase in value since its inception. Founded in 2013, Nubank has secured substantial funding, positioning itself to revolutionize financial services across Latin America. Presently, it operates in Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia, boasting a customer base of over 70 million.

Nubank is committed to simplifying financial processes and empowering individuals to manage their money more efficiently. Leveraging advanced technology and machine learning, this fintech company pioneers innovative strategies, developing tailored financial solutions for both small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and individual customers.

2) Chime: Chime, a US fintech company, has gained recognition for its role as a neobank that helps customers reduce overdraft fees. Since its establishment, Chime has secured $2.3 billion in funding, crediting its growth to member-centric strategies and collaborations with regional banks to create customer-oriented financial solutions.

This approach has enabled Chime to thrive in a competitive market, providing cost-effective options for Americans. With a recent valuation exceeding $25.5 billion, Chime's major investment supporters include Sequoia Capital Global Equities, SoftBank Vision Fund 2, General Atlantic, Tiger Global, and others.

3) SoFi: SoFi, a US neobank, leverages technology to provide financial products that help customers save, invest, and manage their finances securely. Initially, SoFi operated on an alumni-funded lending model that connected students, graduates, and investors. Evolving into a non-traditional underwriting model, it now focuses on lending to

responsible customers. Today, SoFi offers cash management checking accounts and investment platforms with advisor services and brokerage options. The fintech achieved a substantial valuation of $9 billion after a merger in early 2021.

4) Upgrade: Despite its relatively short six-year tenure, Upgrade has successfully facilitated over $25 billion in consumer credit, benefiting families across the United States through its consumer credit lines, personal loans, and premier savings and rewards checking accounts. The Upgrade Card, its flagship product, is

quickly gaining popularity as one of America's most sought-after credit cards. The fintech company has been lauded for its efforts in promoting inclusivity, and diversity, and supporting women and veterans.

5) OakNorth Bank: OakNorth Bank, based in the UK, specializes in providing swift access to finance for businesses, aiding them in scaling up while offering savings opportunities. Following Indiabulls Housing Finance's divestment of 40% of its

stake in OakNorth, the fintech recently achieved a valuation of $5 billion. OakNorth now offers funding support ranging from £250,000 (approximately US$324,600) to multimillion-pound/dollar amounts.

6) Atom Bank: Atom Bank, a UK digital-only bank designed for smartphones and tablets, made history by being the first of its kind to obtain a full regulatory license in the UK. Founded by Anthony Thomson, the Co-founder of Metro Bank,

and Mark Mullen, the former CEO of First Direct, Atom Bank has attracted substantial funding since its establishment. The neobank has expanded its services to include mortgages, savings accounts, and secured loans tailored for small businesses.

7) Dave: Dave is a digital bank based in the United States that specializes in short-term lending. With no interest, origination fees, or additional charges, Dave has gained popularity among consumers and is becoming a preferred neobank

choice. The Dave app has been downloaded over 10 million times on iOS and over 1 million times on Android devices. Achieving unicorn status in 2019 with over 4 million users, Dave went public on NASDAQ in 2021.

8) Starling Bank: Anne Boden, a renowned entrepreneur and fintech pioneer, founded Starling, the UK's first bank founded by a woman. Upon receiving its banking license, Starling revolutionized how people handle their finances by providing personal current accounts, joint accounts, and business accounts.

Starling has consistently operated as a digital-only bank without any physical branches. Even after Anne Boden stepped down as CEO in the summer of 2023, Starling continues to thrive as a prominent player in the UK's financial market.

9) Varo Bank: Varo Bank is dedicated to achieving financial inclusion and creating opportunities for everyone by empowering them. Based in San Francisco, this venture is pursuing its mission with a team that brings together seasoned banking professionals

with decades of experience and technology experts capable of developing a top-tier mobile app for accessible banking services. With nearly a billion dollars raised in funding so far, Varo Bank has garnered investment from various sources, including Russell Westbrook Enterprises.

10) N26: Established in 2013, this German company aimed to simplify money management while enhancing security and customer experience. Two years after its inception, N26 introduced its initial product, and over the next eight years, it

evolved into one of Europe's top digital banks, handling over US$100 billion in transactions annually. So far, N26 has attracted over eight million customers from 24 markets, including major cities like Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Vienna, Milan, São Paulo, and Paris.

11) Revolut: Revolut holds the top position among UK-based neobanks on our list. Established in 2015, the company has experienced remarkable growth, boasting a user base of over 35 million individuals and more than 500,000 businesses, supported by

approximately 6,000 employees. Revolut's primary goal is to streamline financial activities. It provides services such as currency exchange accounts, debit cards, virtual cards, Apple Pay, stock trading, and cryptocurrency transactions, handling up to 250 million transactions each month.


In conclusion, the top 11 neobanks showcased in this article represent the forefront of innovative financial services globally. With their customer-centric approaches, cutting-edge technology, and diverse offerings, these neobanks are reshaping the banking landscape and providing users with convenient and efficient banking solutions.


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