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White Label Mobile Wallet Solution

Build Mobile Financial Services for your Clients using our Market-Ready White-Label Digital Wallet Solution.

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☑️ Fully Customizable Software

☑️ Compliant with Data Security

☑️ Access To Source Code 

Providing Mobile Wallet Platform To A Variety
Of Industry Sectors



Neo Banks

Send, Store, and Receive money from QR code, NFC, USSD, & Virtual Cards 

Payment Aggregators

Payment Aggregators


Build merchant network by offering contactless payments with PCI DSS, ISO and OWASP guidelines.

credit score

Credit Unions


Build financial inclusion by deploying agents or business correspondents with e-wallets software in remote areas.

Supporting Multiple Types Of White Label Virtual Wallet Software


Multi Language

Communicate to your users in their native language.

Recurring Payments

Bulk & Recurring

Generate payment links in bulk by uploading a simple .csv or .xlsx file. Save time and reduce errors by creating payment links in bulk.


Omni Channel

Notify and engage your user on the channel they use, target messengers, email, SMS, push, In-App.

Ready Made Connectors

Ready Made Connectors

We have ready made connectors for leading CRM, CBS, BPM, ESB, systems, custom integrations are available on request.

Targeted campaigns

Targeted Campaigns

Schedule campaigns to user segments for a higher success rate in user onboarding and pending payments

Invoicing Reconcilation

Invoicing and Reconcilation

Invoice your customers, share payment links and  Get real-time reports to help your finance team manage the books better.

Comprehensive Modular Features
Pick and Choose As Per Business Priority 

closed loop

Customers are able to make payments using the mobile wallet platform in a pre-set setting. In a payment device owned by a particular business, customers can load money into a spending account similar to a gift card, and they can use the mobile wallet software platform to make payments.

Closed Loop

semi-closed loop

Customers can conduct transactions at the businesses and places listed using a white-label digital wallet. This software enables users to make both online and offline payments. It is frequently used to transfer money between users and to make purchases of products and services.

Semi Closed Loop


In contrast to closed-loop Paynet wallets, it. Open wallets are distributed by banks or authorized organizations. Together with money transfers and bank withdrawals, users can use a mobile wallet software for every transaction allowed with a semi-closed wallet.

Open Loop


Pre Built Features

credit card
credit card pay
Payroll services
digital content
loyalty programs

Utility Bill Pay

In App Purchase

Credit Card Pay

International Remittances

Payroll Services

Digital Content

Loyalty Programs

scheduled payments

Social Payments

Scheduled Payments



Mobile banking

Geo-location Services

Dependent Wallets

Mobile Topups

split payments

e-Commerce Payments

Split Payments


Multi-Currency Transactions

Coupons & Vouchers

Gifts and Promotions

tax free collections
Aid distribution

Tax and Fee Collections

Aid Distribution

Built-in Connectors 

The Paynet mobile wallet platform provides a fast cut in product implementation with built-in connectors for all major core banking suppliers. This allows you to launch your business banking product in less time and with less expense. 

omnichanel onboarding

 Omni Channel Onboarding

Paynet is a mobile wallet software platform.

We enable organisations to accelerate the Omni Channel customer onboarding journey by automating and optimising the process by using an automated process.


Fully Customizable Workflows

Create workflows with specific business rules for each of your clients. Create price schemes with distinct charges and caps for each kind of operation. Find a balance between providing the most value to clients and making a profit for your company.

Analytic dashboards

Advance Analytics and Dashboards 

Our comprehensive visual dashboard offers quick, real-time insight into your company's performance. Increase the revenue from your products by analysing your consumers' behaviour and gaining valuable insights into monetization opportunities. 

Launch on Cloud For Quick Go To Market
Acquire S
ource Code Later 

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Happy Clients


Vicent Li
Managing Director
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“They are the domain experts who developed a series of high-quality and advanced products. The partnership with them opened up numerous opportunities for us in the ASEAN region”

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