Customers will always choose the service which ensures security, and reliability for them. When dealing with financial services we need to understand that these services have a considerable impact on the lives of our customers, be them daily wagers, migrant workers, or business owners.

The PayNet Cloud brings together in one place all the ingredients you need to make your service the one which customers will always choose. Hosted on the AWS cloud PayNet offers you an unmatched service delivery platform at unbelievably affordable rates.

PayNet's cloud based services have been designed to provide a wide variety of financial services like mobile money, mobile wallets, NFC payments, QR scan and pay, Visa/Mastercard transactions, and remittance services.


In the fast evolving digital payments world, service-security has become one of the most important factors that determine market success. PayNet provides you with proactive transaction and data security measures.




Highly configurable architecture and an OpenAPI based integration layer allows you to offer multiple in-house and 3rdParty services for your customers. Wallets, cards, loyalty, multi-currency, and multi-channel access all provided on a single platform.

At PayNet, reliability is defined as the capability to produce excellent results over and over again. The PayNet Cloud is built around a tried and tested technology and working in collaboration with industry we offer one of the most robust platforms available.

99.99% monthly up-time guarantee. That is the Paynet promise to our clients. Enjoy the high availability infrastructure at a fraction of the cost. Other benefits include on-demand processing power, bandwidth, and a pay as you use model.

The PayNet Cloud

The PayNet Cloud provides an end-to-end payment technology stack with wallets, cards, and API integrations. PayNet is 24x7 monitored, geo-load balanced on a fully virtualised private cloud.

Perfect solutions for small and large businesses, compliant to international security and privacy standards, with multiple plug and play features.

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PCI DSS Certified PayNet
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Secure Your Customer.

Secure Your Business.

Multiple customer surveys have indicated that 78% of non-users, 65% of existing users cite security as major concern and reason not to use wallets more often.

Best In Class Security

PayNet’s could is built on AWS and complies to international security and privacy frameworks including PCI-DSS, ISO-27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, EBA, and the EU Data Protection Directive standards ensuring security and data privacy for all our clients. The PayNet cloud undergoes quarterly 3rd party audits to ensure we are always ahead of the curve.


The PayNet installation, and the cloud hosting infrastructure has been audited by 3rd party QSA's and certified for compliance: PCI/DSS Level 1/Ver 3.2, ISO-27001, ISO-27017/18, SOC 1/2/3, FIPS, C5 (Germany), MTCS (Singapore), and FedRAMP.

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The PayNet Cloud, comprising of the the core software, the datacenter, and all other auxiliary components have been implemented in strict compliance with the following frameworks: OWASP, EBA (European Banking Authority), EUDPD , HIPAA, FERPA, IT Act (India), UK Cloud Security Principles, and Uptime Institute Tiers.

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Active Protection

With a host of in-built features, and 3rd party services PayNet offers you one of the most robust and hardened service delivery ecosystems in the market. The platform actively protects against: buffer overflow, SQL Injection, X-scripting, brute force attacks, canonicalisation, eavesdropping, cookie replay, parameter manipulation, man-in-middle, etc.

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Access Control

Granular role and permission controls, password policy controls, channel based authentication, 3rd party tokens, biometric authentication, maker/checker workflows, and host of access control features ensure you get the highest levels of security and compliance for your financial services.

High Availability Is

High Revenue

The Mobile Wallet Platform That Never Goes Down

PayNet High Availability Wallet Platform 

"Service Not Available." These words capture every mobile wallet service providers worst nightmare.

Service outages due to high traffic, memory and processing resource shortage, bandwidth chokes, and DDOS attacks are a thing of the past with PayNet's mobile wallet platform. Our data centres are monitored 24x7 using tools that predict issues in advance, and on-demand resource scaling ensure you and your customers never face any outage ever again.


App Uptime

PayNet provides an SLA backed uptime guarantee of 99.95% for all processing services.


Storage Uptime

PayNet provides an SLA backed uptime guarantee of 99.999% for all storage services.


Peace Of Mind

With PayNet's service guarantees, you are free to focus your resources on business development activities.