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The Fintech Dialogue

Fun, witty and hugely informative and engaging fintech podcast

  • Peek into the mind of industry leaders who’ve been creating or transforming financial technology experiences.
  • Each episode provides you a window into the trends. idea innovations and implementation challenges.
  • Hear fintech leaders discussing threadbare their tactics, strategies and learnings.



In conversation with Henryk Dabrowski, CEO Revolt Token Corporation

He has a comprehensive understanding of Fintech platforms that enable financial services and payments schemes.

Mr. Henryk Dabrowski, currently is the CEO at Revolt Token Corporation

He has been a former Chairman and CEO of Utiba Americas, a leading developer of mobile financial services software solutions. Through his efforts, Utiba did business with big names like Movil, Digicel Group, Tigo, Citibank,

Henryk is an active investor as well. Over the last 20 years, he has been investing in companies. In this session, Henryk shares with us how the industry evolved in past 30 years.


In conversation with Manish Modi, MD Khalti Wallet & Payments  

👨🏻‍🎓   He registered this startup from his engineering hostel address

⚡️   Scaled his internship into the biggest VAS firm in the country

⚔️   Started Khalti Wallet and competed with business monopoly 

We interacted with Manish and learned the advantages and disadvantages of starting up in your early twenties.

Listen to the captivating and adventurous entrepreneurial journey in the latest episode of our podcast

  • 02:10   Our Nepal Telcom internship

  • 06:10   Advantages of starting up in early

  • 15:00   Coding with 18 hours powercut

  • 17:10   Incubation in Bangalore Chile and USA

  • 20:30   The idea of Khalti - Digital Wallet

  • 27:30   How to fight a monopoly


In conversation with Archil Bakuradze, Founder & Chairman Crystal Micro Finance, Georgia 

Mr. Archil Bakuradze has been passionately working for financial inclusion and financial literacy in the eastern European country of Georgia for the last 26 years.


Archil is an entrepreneur who started his lending journey with a small charity of USD 10,000 and used technology to scale it to a portfolio of USD 150 Million. 

Today Crystal Micro Finance has 70,000 clients and operates across Georgia through a network of 60 branches.

We interacted with him to learn about the fascinating and inspiring story.

  • How to prepare the team for the change 

  • Where and How to start the transformation

  • To build in-house or to Subscribe?

  • What to do when there are no clear regulations 

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In conversation with Majidul Haque, Head of Agents & Digital Banking in Prime Bank Ltd., Bangladesh.

For the last 13+ years, Majidul has been playing a pioneering role in launching new products and services like:

  • Mobile Money Services

  • Alternative Credit Indexing based lending

  • Implementing Digital Onboarding of customers

  • The Social Media based banking assistant

A seasoned banker, Majid talks about

  • How mobile banking has powered financial services in Bangladesh, especially for those who have been financially excluded?

  • Why it is important for solution providers to ensure the products fit in perfectly with the local context?

  • How did banks in Bangladesh brought solutions to the customers’ doors?

  • 00:46 - Introduction 

  • 02:05 - Mobile money launch with City Cell

  • 12:30 - Difference between USSD and App era  

  • 16:00 - How to manage a Tech Vendor

  • 20:25 - USAID approach towards DFS 

  • 27:10 - Impact of Digital Onboarding  

  • 40:20 - Launch of Social Media Channel   

  • 54:00 - How to innovate in a regulated industry

  • 55:46 - Alternative Credit Indexing based Loans



Digital Banking Challenges with Shivaraj Upadhyaya 
Digital Head, NMB Bank Ltd

In the first episode of Fintech Dialogue, meet Mr. Shivaraj Upadhyaya, Digital Head, NMB Bank Ltd, we discuss -

- What is the thought process in a bank on the brink of launching a digitization spree?

- How do they arrive on a decision about the scope of a project?

- What are the aspects they have to take into account before making a head-start?

  • 2:16 - Introduction 

  • 4:00 - Shift from PSB to a private bank

  • 12:00 - How to draw a digital roadmap 

  • 16:30 - How they fought Covid

  • 20:25 - Components to succeed in digitization

  • 22:10 - Three challenges a digital banker faces 

  • 28:16 - Advice on How to plan for digitalization 

  • 33:19 - Wishlist from the regulator

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