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Case Study

A Digital Payments Ecosystem


CellPay is an NRB-licensed payment service powered by Cellcom Private Limited.

CellPay provides digital payments and fund transfer services through web and mobile channels to help you make payments directly from your bank account. 

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Market and Business Challenge

  • Nepal only has one interbank fund transfer. Due to the monopoly – the cost of transferring funds was very high.

  • This led to a  non-existent digital economy 90% of digital payments in the country were coming from telco top-ups which were also done using scratch cards. 


  • There was a need to digitalize the economy as it has a direct impact on the socio-economic aspects of the  Nepalese populace.  

  • The government has an ambitious Digital Nepal project with the objective of sustainable development, it had become imperative to bring down the cost of remittance.

The Approach

Cellcom applied for a payment service provider license with a vision to digitalize the economy by bringing down the cost of digital payments.

  • We needed to connect to all 28 banks in the country. In the absence of middleware with banks – the Paynet team designed connectors for all existing CBS vendors – like Finnacle, Flexcude, Temenos T24, Pumori, etc.

  • To bring down development time, the Paynet team took the open banking approach and consumed bank API to onboard and authenticate the customer and orchestrate payment.  

  • Multilingual customer and merchant apps need to design to enable P2P P2M P2G payments using static as well as dynamic QR codes.

  • Customer Data security and privacy lie at the core of these initiatives, so we made sure the deployment was as per PCI-level data security standards (PCI-DSS) and OWASP guidelines. 

  • From conceptualization to production, the omnichannel was delivered just in 61 weeks working with a team of 6 engineers.

topup & billpay

The Outcome

  • Cellcom emerged as the fastest-growing payments ecosystem in the region. 

  • The project rolled out a payments application that enables P2P, P2M, and P2G payments.

  • For the first time in the country, a seamless 100% digital customer onboarding journey was implemented.

  • 28 banks joined the Instant settlement process where participating banks need to open VOSTRO accounts in the settlement bank.

  •  Fees, Commissions, and rewards are configured in a manner to incentivize all stakeholders.

Why did our customer choose  PayNet Systems Software?

10x faster time to market

10x Faster Time To Market

Fully compliant Tech Stack

Fully Compliant
Tech Stack

access to source code

Access To   

 Source Code

Benefits For Bank And Customers

  • A QR-based merchant payment  ecosystem evolved which reduced the cost of remittance in   the country by 110% 

  • Realtime  settlement of encouraged small merchants to adapt quickly

  • Multi-lingual app ensured that the  services are well adapted to remote rural areas  

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