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 Mobile Wallet Solution

The Paynet eWallet App Software was created to assist you in reducing the time and expense of developing your mobile wallet app. Get everything you need to launch your app quickly, scale it effectively, and delight your consumers to the fullest.

​A single mobile wallet platform with numerous usage cases

Take advantage of the digital wallet apps' rising popularity to boost your company's performance and gain access to new revenue sources.
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Mobile banking wallet

By offering your clients a mobile wallet application experience wherever they are, you can engage and keep their business while generating more money.


Stored valued wallet

Using a closed-loop ewallet will allow your consumers to manage their assets and conduct transactions within of your ecosystem. Get customers to spend more money with you to increase your revenue.

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Bank account based wallet

The fundamental banking system retains wallet account information. The mobile app is used for account management and account onboarding. For wallet transactions, take use of the bank's involvement in any real-time payment infrastructure.

Give your consumers a delightful mobile eWallet experience.

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Multi-currency system

Multi-currency accounts will be advantageous to your eWallet mobile app users. More simplicity for users and no restrictions on the types of currencies you can establish, including fiat currencies, diamonds, grain, or any other assets.


Easy bill payments

By paying their bills using your mobile wallet app, your users can save time on everything from utility payments to cell top-ups and broadband payments. By integrating APIs, you can add support for any vendors you see necessary

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Fast money transfers

Provide your consumers a hassle-free option to send and receive money instantaneously, from domestic P2P transfers to international remittance. Connect with service and payment providers to increase the scope of your transfer offerings.

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Currency exchange

Let clients to execute transactions, buy and sell currencies, and instantly exchange one currency for another within their digital wallets.

By developing it on the next-generation platform, you can future-proof your mobile eWallet app.


Innovative transactional core inside

Our mobile wallet software has a sophisticated ledger layer and is developed with cutting-edge technology, so your app will be prepared for the future.


Faster release


For a seamless user experience and a quicker time to market, use the Paynet mobile wallet platform as the foundation for your eWallet application. There is no need to start from zero while developing your product, which cuts down on both expenses and time.


Easy integrations

Connect the software for your digital wallet app with the current core banking system or utilise it to introduce a stand-alone solution. An all-purpose API makes it possible to connect with external services.

Cloud-based deployment


Paynet platform offers a hassle-free solution to run a cloud-based eWallet backend application at a low cost and without the maintenance headache. It is hosted and deployed in the cloud.

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Features of the Paynet mobile

wallet software platform

Currencies management

  • Management of the formation of currencies and issue

  • Rates of currency conversion manual or automatic input

Contracts (pricing plans) management

  • grouping fees and limits in a “contract”;

  • creation of a set of tariffs for customers to choose from

Roles and permissions management

  • user creation, role and status management

  • default roles

  • back-office user log history viewing

Transaction fees and limits management

  • Setting comission types: flat fee, %-based, combined (flat fee & %-based)

  • +-% (for currency exchange)

  • Transfer commission payer: sender / recipient / shared

  • Comission ranges: different commissions for operations amounts within a specific range

  • Limits types:

    • by turnover during a specific period,

    • by the number of operations during a specific period

    • by transaction amount

CRM & customer support

  • Customer profile information and status management

  • Default KYC-management

  • Customer accounts status management

  • Default log of customer activity in the system

Transaction history

  • View all customer’s transactions in all statuses

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